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I saw a creature,
hidden in the dark & brazen in light;
stomping at me & stepping on me,
laughing with me & walking with me,
supporting me & holding onto me.
No! It ain’t my shadow!

I saw this creature,
running with me & falling with me,
jumping on me & crouching on me,
following me with all its soul;
It’s still ain’t my shadow!

A faceless face & an indescribable outline,
opposite of me but still with me,
born with me but not dead without me,
flexible at will but not apart from me;
It’s still ain’t my shadow!

Hidden in the dark & visible in the light,
the stable self of an unstable me;
An empty space but full of me,
stalking me but not troubling me;
It’s still ain’t my shadow!

A subconscious mind of an unconscious me,
a wilful sin between God & me;
It looks onto me but doesn’t look after me,
a trinket of water in the life of sea.
It’s still ain’t my shadow!

It stands at large when I am myself down,
it nods with me but doesn’t change with me;
An existing reality when I’m myself in dream.
No! It ain’t my Shadow!