About Boringbug


Hola! Bonjour! Ciao! Salaam and Namaste! Welcome to Boringbug.

  • What and how?

In this era of globalisation, a holistic approach, and international perspectives are essential to understand the paradigm of blogging. I developed this perspective through my travelling experiences abroad and that was the penchant to start this blog.

  • About me?

Upon completing my schooling I ventured from science stream and pursued a law degree programme from the city of Ahmedabad. In a mix of academic and co-curricular activities, I studied domestic and international laws, pursued serious internships, participated and represented my college in various national and inter-institute competitions. Wherein the entire time I followed my recreational hobbies as a lawn tennis enthusiast and as sketch-artist.

Presently, as a practising advocate in New Delhi, India, I happen to handle disputes and legal functionaries. 

  • Why and purpose?

En-route my professional journey, I felt the need to write and share my experiences but from a personal point of view. Irrespective of the professional commitment and limitations, I started with this ambiguous blog.

I happen to write whenever it becomes possible. At times when travelling on a train, or while stranded at an airport. The thoughts are penned down in a diary, and a part of the same is converted into this blog. In order to understand the reader base, I have tried various in-hand genres, sharpened my skills to keep the words to a minimum, yet simple, and gained a comparative understanding in the field of polity, in particular, the international politics. 

I believe in discourse and aim to learn and interact with the fellow bloggers to the best of my ability and conscience.

Best regards,