The missing chapters from the book of life.



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It is winter now. I feel quiet and vivid. The talk I hear seems to be the talk of long ago. Peace. Struggle. And everybody waiting. Is it all only another illusion, a dream from which we never wake? It has been years since those days. There is still something burned out in me from those days. Yes, I have adapted myself, ten-till-eight, the office desk and years have passed.

Here the trees are withering with winter again. The cars roll smoothly along the streets, and in the winter twilight the air, light and soft, is like an old benediction of a time long ago, and the twilight seems to hold a secret we will never know.

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How to Get More Done? -by Jeyran Main


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Today I want to talk about “how to be more productive and beat procrastination?” When you’re old enough to have more freedom and the set routine is broken, everything is based on whatever you wish to do without anything forced in place as a plan. Especially as an entrepreneur or someone that works with no boss around telling them what to do, we as humans tend to lose productivity and waste time, which consequently means wasting money.

Being productive and getting more things done isn’t just about writing a – to do – list. Mostly write a list and then when it comes down to them actually starting the tasks, they find themselves stuck. There are many great apps out there helping you organize your list but still when you get to sit to do it, you get stuck.

Here are three steps to get more done in a day.

  • Step One: Write down the most 5 important things that need to be done.

This is easy. Prioritizing your tasks is one of the best ways in getting more things done in a day. If 5 seems too much, try three. However, you have to prioritize which ones have to be done first but numbering them.

  • Step Two: Pomodoro Method.

Use the Pomodoro method to calculate how long you think each task is going to take. One Pomodoro equals 25 min. Guess how many Pomodoro’s it will take for you to finish a task and then go to the next.

Once you begin with your first task, make sure that after each 25 min (one Pomodoro), you take 5 min rest. Then come back and continue. Sometimes you will find that a certain task was finished faster than you thought, or it took longer. This is a great way to learn how long you take to finish things and that teaches you to be subconscious of the time and speed you work at.

Anytime you move away from a task that you have not yet finished, in order to do another task, you will take 10-15 min to focus back again on to the original task. So, don’t jump from one into another. Finish a task and then move to another.

  • Step 3: Rate your productivity.

At the end of each day rate your productivity. Write down what made it a good day or what made it a bad day. What works best and what should you avoid. For instance, the best time to be productive and get more work done is before lunch. Therefore, not taking any phone calls or answering emails is best until after lunch, since it will take your time, focus and interrupt your schedule. Your brain is fresh and has more energetic in the morning. Getting the important tasks accomplished without any distractions, will help you do more in the day.

Check out if you wish to buy a productivity book that demonstrates this routine, or you could buy it from the link below. If you don’t want to spend any money, then just write down the methods from this article and do it yourself!

Written by Jeyran Main

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Jeyran is a professional book editor, marketing advisor, and book reviewer. Her website Review Tales demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and book reviews.

Volleyball and Me! -by Crucio Girl


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I first played volleyball a few years back. As I recall this, I realize that at that time I knew nothing about it. Something that I owe to my friends. They wanted me to tag along and kept on insisting. Their persistence managed to convince me. That was my penchant to play volleyball, and I improved every day. 

Soon, a valuable opportunity arose. Our volleyball team needed a leader, and I gave it a shot. I took part in the testing runs.

Voila! They selected me as a leader. And in symphony began my adventures. 

My responsibilities were plenty. I was trying my best, but for my team mates, togetherness was a bit difficult. Every time we won a match, we congratulated each other and praised our team work for the victory. But at the time of defeat, things were different. For at the time of despair who else is to be blamed but the leader. A plethora of attacks came my way. The leader became the sacrificial lamb. Training got hit in the absence of togetherness. Things became difficult too. Co-operation was not the key since they weren’t to be solely blamed. Alas, the leader at times was inconsiderate, too strict by the rule book. Disputes arose, ‘will’ gave in, the losing streak began; despite the will to resign we held on. After all, we were one.

There came a bummer. A health problem arose. My knees began to ache. I couldn’t run or jump anymore. The leader had to forgone her duties, ask her crew to go without her. Despite their protests, it had to be done. For the leader was considerate enough to think of the future of the team. 

I haven’t played volleyball for a while since the aches became serious. The surgeon has advised not to play volleyball again. I, albeit the leader, do miss this sport. For the knees gave away, but the fire didn’t. It burns brighter than ever. The leader will rise someday, and will one day play again.

Advice: Leadership is a plethora of responsibilities. It ain’t for the faint hearted. 

-by Crucio Girl

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The other side of positive thinking


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You are born wise. Despite not knowing all the answers, you don’t talk or argue back. Thereafter you grow older and impregnate yourself with negative thoughts. Thoughts full of “I can’t(s)”, resultant blocking your own good, frustrating and limiting yourself.

When you block your thoughts with negative(s), you end up creating obstacles, impediments and delays in your life. Ending up denying the intelligence and wisdom residing within yourself.

The provoked negative thoughts often manifest themselves into the emotions of fear, anger, rage or greed. Effectively when attracted by such thoughts, we convince ourselves of being surrounded by destructive situations. Emancipating the start of a vicious cycle.

Unknown to ourselves, lies within us- the never ending wisdom and a rationale universal to all. The knowledge to attract positive forays. Somewhere in between lies the ability to break this vicious cycle. The other side of positive thinking.


Everyone has forays of troubles, problems and own set of issues. Problems unique to themselves. One from which everyone wants to sail through without being hampered or thrashed upon. Yet, there resides within ourselves the ability to deal with these forays, the ability to resolves issues with our will alone…

What can you do to stay positive and release yourself from the trap of the other side?

  1. Stop judging, and blaming: I tend to not judge people and this has helped me tackle many of the issues ranging from failures to unemployment.
  2. Talk to people (Occasional ranting can help at times): I am an introvert by nature, yet I take time out to talk to the walls, or listen to my family and friends. Talking about things that you want to manifest in your life. This will increase your motivation.
  3. Meditation: Whenever faced with a palpable situation heavy breathing and meditation helps you to calm down. When you are under a lot of stress it is easy to lose control over the situation and start thinking negatively.
  4. Learn to “let go”:People often fail to let go of things. Remember, unless you don’t let go of the thing hampering your thoughts, you cannot move beyond the other side of positive thinking.
  5. Follow your hobby: Every person has a hobby which varies from sketching, playing sports or equipment, cooking, or even staring at the walls for indefinite time. Following your passion after work hours will keep you calm, relaxed and your mind sharp.
  6. Look for motivation. Surround yourself with people and things that make you feel good. Whenever you feel down, read a motivational book, a success story, read your favorite inspirational quotes, or just listen to your favorite song. I tend to take inspirations from obnoxious insignificant things. Sometimes I get motivated by watching a cow cross the road, or by hearing the rant of a stranger.
  7. Love and appreciate yourself. You cannot stay positive if you do not like yourself; or put yourself down; or if you do not treat yourself with love and care. Positive thinking starts with accepting yourself the way you are and then striving to become a little bit better.
  8. Express gratitude. People tend to express their gratitude to god, parents or anyone/anything they believe in. Irrespective of your belief you will always find something to feel gratitude for.
  9. One step at a time: Everything takes time. You need to do one thing at a time and gradually move over the other.

-written by boringbug

The spirit of Music


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Music started as a chant with rhythm and gradually developed into a form of personality. It was a medium to convey a person’s thought on the meanings of life and capture them as a song. Being able to combine these words with the soothing rhythm of instruments is a talent very few are able to bring to the top.

In the eternities of eras viz. different time periods, different spaces of techniques came into existence inter alia different instruments developed through ages. These consisted of ways to inspire people. Once developed, none could match the likes of classical music and folk lore. Albeit, going through such music and the consisting lyrics helps in identifying the varying messages hidden in the lore’s of history.

In furtherance of the above, going through the music allows the opportunity to see something beyond yourself. The lyrics provides us with the logic related to its evolution, whereas, the music delves us into the emotion it was molded upon.

Some of us might argue that music has no use and that music does not give us as much entertainment and information as artists wish to believe. But this is simply not true. Music gives us what artists can never imagine to convey- the emotion, reflection and the mood of the entire conversation or scenario. It gives us purpose and meaning to things where facial expressions fail. It is about how people feel stuck to a piece of music, unable to move beyond it. A music or the melody that brightens people up. Seeing how a piece of music delves the listener to an entirely different era is nothing less than a marvel.

-by Boringbug

Listen to your inner self


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Everybody has self-concepts, a bundle of beliefs, facts and opinions about themselves that are created by both external and internal factors. External factors are the events and experiences that influence you from the outside. When you look at these, you will

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A DIARY OF A LONER- Who is a loner and why?


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tumblr_na65gxB1vl1smmqyyo1_1280I have been intending to write this post for quite some time. To bring it to the notice of self-proclaimed intellectuals that being a loner does not necessitate a person as a friendless being who has zero following. In a general sense (weirdly), a loner is a person who happens to be alone and doesn’t associate with other people. This might be because of a lot of reasons, but there is a particular quote which piqued my interest and made me pour my thoughts here. The quote goes like this:

If you happen to meet a loner, no matter what they tell you, it’s not because they enjoy solitude, it’s because people continue to disappoint them!… Bla blah blah! –Jodi Picoult”


‘Wait, what.. !!’

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A Dream


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I hurried through one corridor after another.

Looking for a stairway.

“It would be fun to be lost, as other people were ” I thought!

I knew of course, that I could not be, even for a moment. But I was still having trouble finding a stairway that would take me up. “Perhaps I would never find one, and I would have to wander for days. People would have to come looking for me. I would starve, grow thin and perhaps be forced to send a message by tapping on one of the walls.”
It felt nice to think about it.

At last! I came to a small flight of steps, which led not up but down to a pair of double doors.

A sound, clanging and echoing. I descended and pushed the doors open…

“I woke up” !!! 

How to be Irresistibly Attractive?


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Griselda was definitely the kind of girl who could turn a young man's head.

What does it mean by ‘being irresistibly attractive’? Is it another millennium version of a ‘dating game’? Is it another edition of a ‘mascara magazine’? Or is it a ‘how to be a successful person’ in 21st century style?

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When I borrowed money from a beggar!


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If you want to know the true value of money, try borrowing it from a beggar! – boring Bug

As I sit in a cafeteria, gulping down three shots of espresso, I cannot help but recollect an incident. Ever after I came to Delhi, I have seen a surplus in the surprisingly increasing population of beggars. So much for ‘achhe din’, that this has turned out to be a menace for many. But somehow, I feel responsible for it. Every time I see a homeless person I feel something conflicting inside. A sense which I cannot shake off. Amidst the sense, all I do is sympathize with them. Sympathizing with their lifestyle and their inability to survive, their need to beg for a grain of wheat. Regretting how they are forced to beg even for basic amenities. So much, that I couldn’t believe but observe this prospering profession when a beggar donated Rs. 50/- for my auto fare.

It happened a few days ago. I was traveling back from office, aiming to catch the last metro of the day (Delhi’s version of “ek chaalis ki last local”), which I subsequently missed.

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When I stepped off the train at a wrong Station


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It was in January 2013. I remember it clear as day. I was bound to catch a train from the city of Ahmedabad to Jaipur. To the people unaware of the whereabouts, the distance between the two cities is roughly 660 Km and it takes 10 hours to cover the same by an express train. The two cities are polar opposites when it comes to the climatic and cultural differences. The food is nothing less than a cultural shock.While Ahmedabad rarely sees winter, Jaipur has its days.

I was traveling through Ashram Express. Scheduled for 6.30 P.M. the train was well set and ready to depart. I hurried along the hoarded platforms and roughly managed to jumped on -in an a.c. compartment. Jolting down the corridor, I threw my suitcase under my reserved seat and hopped onto the berth. Little had I imagined, the adventurous journey that I was embarking upon.

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Warning: It ain’t over until the Fat Lady Sings so!




Wake up! It’s afternoon already.shouted my father, while waking me up.It has been a month since you graduated. Yet, all you do is sit here and do nothing.  Do you have any ambition in life or all you want to do is sleep?

Ambition? Did he ask me my ambitions? Well youngsters shouldn’t be asked about their ambitions. They can be quite troublesome. Alas!

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Art and Politics- Why terrorism should be condemned?


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Title: Mahatma

Tag: Non- Violence

Form: Sketch

Category: Political 

Tool: 0.2 and 0.8 Micro-Black Point Pen

Date: 15.11.2015

Purpose: To condemn the act(s) of terrorism worldwide, whether individual, private or state sponsored. The author does not believe in

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The attempts to conquer fear


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.“Hurry, take the stairs and get back into the cabin.” instructed the captain coming out onto the deck. The clouds thundered at a distance as a family of five made its way towards the center of the ship. The voluminous waves hit the deck and shook the ship sideways.

It was the year 2003. He was traveling with his family on a cruise towards coral islands in south china sea. As delighted he was, it was a never before experience outside India and the first ever at sea. All excited with the prospect of scuba diving and snorkeling, he braved the waves and enjoyed the weather. It wasn’t until the storm that a fear crept in.

Oh, he knew how to swim. Well enough to compete but yet got struck by thalassophobia ‘the fear of sea’.

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The Definition of a Good Man


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This was right in the beginning of April. I was strolling through an empty road. With no souls seemingly in sight, I hit upon an old bookstore. A book lover that I am, I couldn’t resist but barge into it. Cruising through the Old books section, tripping on that addictive decaying ‘aromatic smell’, I stumbled upon a book titled “collective short stories by Tagore” (Rabindranath). 

As I flipped through the pages, my eyes caught upon a short story titled “A Good Man”. A story which I have read so many times, but a concept that I barely understood then. This time around I read it in an entirely different light.

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How to make the most out of Pooping?


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There are times when no matter what, how often I go over something, I just can’t seem to come up with an answer. The nervous sense of being stuck at a place where the road forks linger at the back of my mind. The more I think creatively, the more elusive the solution becomes. Then I realized that sinking my teeth deeper into the situation will only bring more frustration & wasted time. I let go of the task and do something else instead. Once I walk away, I inevitably receive my answers.

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Listen to the messages of the Universe


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Never underestimate the power of the Universe. It is constantly talking to us and sending us messages. The question is “are we paying attention and listening to the messages?”

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Don’t Force It -by Jeyran Main


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Today I wish to talk about an important issue that may come across your life. There may come a time where you force certain things on your life. You make sure that they are accomplished whether you are happy about it or not. This could be anything, for instance, school, chores, something in your relationship or worse, you are simply being abused and forced to conduct harmful actions just to please someone else.

The subject may be confusing to some when the task in hand enforces you to get it done. For example, there are cases where you have let the task sit for a while and the deadline is the next day. That’s when you really force yourself to sit and finish it.

What I am pointing out today is something different. I want to bring awareness to the tasks and things in life that you wish to change about yourself, the way you think, the way you feel and the way you decide to deal with them.


The damage and after effects of the force has long lasting consequences. Many will be hard to overcome and it really is counter productive. I think if you force it, then it’s most likely not good for you in the first place.

If you are struggling with things in your life then drop me a line or comment below.

A note to others: What are you grateful for? Let me know!

Written by Jeyran Main

Jeyran is a blogger, consumer reviewer, book editor, book promoter and a freelance book translator. Her website Review Tales demonstrates her thoughts, reflections and works. She can also be reached here-


A Real Man


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“I cannot understand why you praise that Freak so much?” said the Dumb. “Women don’t like men who are untidy, unkempt, slovenly and disorganized like him.”

“That only shows to go that he is a real man”, answered the Fool.

The Dumb, not being convinced at all requested the Geek to tell the Fool of the turmoil at “the Freak’s” house the day before.

The Geek under obligation proceeded to recreate the scene:
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Is what you WANT what you Need? -by Jeyran Main


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There are times in life where you sit and wonder about the things that you really want in life. I am talking about the important things such as, choosing a partner, picking a university or a college to go to, getting married, picking a career, choosing your friends and who you hang out with.

Then you have the urge of feeling that you need certain things, such as needing a phone or a computer, house to live in, food to eat and a car to drive.

Are these two matters the same? Do you feel that whatever you want is in actual fact what you need? I may have your attention now.

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